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Aakash Desai

Aakash Desai, who is a Physician by profession, ventured into the world of movies and films via his musical talents. Having been an accomplished tabla player (Indian Drums) for over 25 years, his chance encounter in college with Shome Banerjee’s younger brother Sujoy through a cricket game allowed him to rub shoulders musically with the visionary director, Shome. From then on there was no reason not to turn back when SB Talkies was started.
Due to military and medical school commitments Aakash worked on select projects like “Sophie” as a Production Assistant and “Ammar Maa” where he graduated to being the Assistant Director. He went on to co-produce Hotel New York, which won the Silver Palm award at the 2012 Mexico Film Festival. After having learnt the trade of production from Shome, Aakash took upon two short film projects in late 2012. He independently produced Red Mondays and Turquoise Two’s which is currently in post-production and The Word
Trader where he was the on-set full time Producer. The Word trader is his 4th project with SB Talkies Productions and 5th venture in all. He is currently writing two stories of contrasting nature set to go into Pre-production in 2014.

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