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Ammar Maa (My Mother) - 2010

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3-Line Synopsis
Adapted from the short story 'The Word Love' from the collection 'Arranged Marriage' by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. A woman who is about to get married struggles to terms with the fact that she has yet to tell her mother about her relationship and her choice of marrying an American man.


3-Line Synopsis (French)
Une femme Bengalaise s'apprête à marrier un americain sans le consentement de sa mère. Ce sentiment de culpabilité la plonge dans une vie faite de dépression et médicaments. Mark essaie tout pour sauver Moumita mais apprend rapidement que l'on ne peut sauver quelqu'un de si atteint.


Medium Synopsis
A story about a Bengali woman (Moumita) from Kolkata who has made a decision to marry an American man (Mark) without her mother's consent. She is struggling with herself to come to terms with the guilt she is feeling and how exactly will she break the news. This internal struggle consumes her into a life of depression and medication. Mark tries his hardest to rescue Moumita but soon learns that there is no rescuing someone who is so consumed. Adapted from the collection 'Arranged Marriage' the short story 'The Word Love' by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.


Long Synopsis
Adapted from the novel "Arranged Marriage" a short story called "The Word Love" by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, the Author of "Mistress of Spices". Ammar Maa(My Mother) is the story of a Bengali woman Moumita Sen who after living with her mother in Kolkata for 27 years has come to New York to pursue her PHD. She falls in love and is engaged and to be married in six months to Mark, An American man, but she has yet to break the news to her mother. This is the internal struggle for Moumita as she finds the right words, the right moment, the right phone call to break the news, but she is being consumed internally with medication and worry. When the Mother does learn about Mark, she disowns her daughter while Mark see's another side to the woman he loves.


Rachna Shah –Moumita

Don Castro – Mark

Pallavi Desai – The Mother

Uttara Desai – Moumita Jr.

Avik Sur – The Postman

Samir Banerjee – Director & Producer

Jennifer Joelle Kachler – Producer Katsumi Funahashi - Cinematographer

Sujoy Banerjee – Assistant Director Aakash Desai – 2nd Assistant Director

Katsumi Funahashi – Editor

Samir & Sujoy Banerjee – Assistant Editors

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni – Story Sherry Huang - Script Supervisor David Sheppard – Sound Mixer

David Mesiha – Score

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